The reuniteyou claims team, On Call International, are ready and waiting to help. As soon as you hear the news that something serious has happened or someone has passed away, you should contact the claims team on one of the following telephone numbers:

Toll free from within the USA and Canada: +1 866 930 9805

From any other location: +1 603 328 1964

(when calling abroad, please ensure that you are using the correct 'trunk code' for the country you are calling from. For example, some countries require 00 +1-603-328-1964 and others, such as Australia, require 0011 +1-603-328-1964).

The claims team is available  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please have your name, Membership number, details of the Close Relative (or Member for Repatriation claims) and the reason for the claim available when you call. 

It is important that the claim is verified as quickly as possible, so please also have details of the hospital or funeral home where the Close Relative or Member is located so that the claims team can deal directly with them.

Once the claim has been authorised we can start making the arrangements and get you on your way. 

(Please click here to see the key limits and exclusions. Full Terms and Conditions are available here).