Getting you there when it really counts.

Ever worried about how you will get to your close relatives if the worst happens?

When something serious happens to a close relative - an accident, an illness or they pass away - your immediate reaction is to be with them. It is already a stressful enough time, but this becomes compounded if you live thousands of miles away or on a different continent altogether.

How can I afford to get there? How do I get there quickly?

With our Emergency Travel membership, not only do we cover the costs for you, your partner and any children to travel to your close relatives, we also handle all of the travel and accommodation bookings for you. Our specialist claims team are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will ensure any claim is dealt with quickly and caringly.

We know how important it is to reunite family in their time of need.

Don’t delay, join today.