Who are reuniteyou?
reuniteyou is a unique membership service that has been set up to assist getting you to your close relatives as quickly as possible should they suffer a medical emergency. We were previously known as Kindred Travel but found that this confused people, who assumed that we were either a Travel Agency or Travel Insurance company. So, we have recently changed our trading name to reuniteyou to help our members, and potential members, understand what we do, which is to reunite you with your loved ones in their time of need.
Where is reuniteyou based?
We currently have administration teams in both the UK and USA and our Travel Assistance Service Provider is based in the USA.
What's included in the Membership?
reuniteyou will arrange for your travel and accommodation to the country where your close relative is, as long as it is a minimum of 150 miles from your home. The travel will be arranged for all of the members included on your membership, this may be just you or could be you, your partner and your children. We will cover costs up to US$25,000 in all, which includes an accommodation allowance of US$1,500, but do not cover the costs of Visas or Consular Services. See Terms and Conditions for additional information.
How do I purchase coverage?

Simply click on ‘Join Now’ or go to the ‘Membership’ page on this website and follow the steps through the process.

Who can become a member?
No matter where you live or your age, you can become a member and be covered to get to your 'close relatives' under the age of 75 living more than 150 miles away.
Only members under the age of 75 are eligible for the optional Repatriation cover.
Are there any age restrictions for taking the membership?
People of any age can be a Member of reuniteyou. However, you must be over the age of 18 to purchase a Membership (under 18s living at home can be part of their parent's Membership) and only members under the age of 75 are eligible for the optional Repatriation cover.

Close Relatives and any Additional People must be under the age of 75.
Are medical conditions excluded?

There is a 120 day waiting period where no benefits are payable as a result of an illness. Thereafter, the only exclusions are medical conditions that have been given a terminal prognosis. This means that if your relative currently has any medical conditions for which they have been given a terminal diagnosis, benefits will not be payable for any claims related to these medical conditions at any time during the Membership year.

If you are unsure whether you or any of your close relatives are suffering from a medical condition that has been diagnosed as terminal, please check with a medical practitioner before purchasing a reuniteyou Membership. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you require any further clarification.

Accident related benefits are not subject to the waiting period.

What if we find out about the emergency in the middle of the night?
No need to wait those agonising few hours before calling us, our call centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can contact us at any time and we'll start making arrangements immediately.
When can I fly?
We will arrange flights as soon as reasonably possible and as soon as we have verified the claim. This could be the same day or an agreed time, within 30 days of the claim being made.
How much does it cost?
Annual Fees vary depending on what level of membership you require and whether you wish to add the Repatriation cover or any additional people. Memberships start from as little as US$160 a year. An instant quotation is available from the Memberships page on this web site.
Can I include extended family and/or friends?
Yes you can. When you have decided on the level of membership you wish to purchase you can cover additional extended family (e.g. grandparents (under 75), nephew and nieces), and or close friends or business colleagues (including their partners and children if required) at an additional cost.
Are all my children covered to travel with me?
If you purchase a Family Membership your Dependent Children are covered to travel with you. We define Dependent Children as a child who is living at home and is either under 19 years of age or is a child of any age who is medically certified as disabled.
Who is a "Close Relative"?
A Close Relative means persons under 75 years of age who are: your legal spouse or common-law spouse, domestic partner, same-sex spouse where legal; legal guardian; son or daughter (adopted, foster or step); son-in-law; daughter-in-law; mother, mother-in-law, father, father-in-law, brother, step-brother; sister; step-sister; brother-in-law; sister-in-law; or step-parent.
How long must a Close Relative be hospitalized before I can claim?

We define a serious illness or accident as an event that results in hospitalization for a minimum of 6 consecutive days. You do not need to wait for the 6 days to have passed, you can file a claim immediately you hear that your close relative has been admitted to hospital. We will verify the claim with the medical team responsible for your close relative and you can travel as soon as the claim is authorized. Benefits are not payable for hospital stays less than 6 consecutive days.

How does the waiting period affect payment?

During the 120 waiting period for illness, our members can still use the service if they wish for illness related claims, but any arrangements made or used will be the responsibility (or, paid by) the member.

Any arrangements made for claims submitted after the waiting period related to illness will be paid for by the Travel Assistance Service Provider.

Accident benefits are not subject to the Waiting Period.

Are there any other Membership Benefits available?
Yes. In addition to the Emergency Travel assistance, we also offer a service which provides for the return of mortal remains in the event of a member’s death outside of his or her country of origin or designated burial home (must be a minimum of 150 miles from your home). Please visit the Repatriation pages of this site for full details of this benefit.
How do I claim?
In the event of a claim you must contact the reuniteyou claims team as soon as possible. Please call +1-866-930-9805 toll free from within the U.S and Canada or call +1-603-328-1964 from all other locations. Please make sure you use the correct international dialling code to contact the US from your country.

The claims team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please give your full name, Membership number, contact number, the details of your close relative with the name and phone number of the hospital, and the nature of the emergency.