The fact that you have reached this page means that you are likely to have relatives that live far away from you. You may started a new life in a new location or they may have moved away, but whatever the reason, you have a concern on what you would do in the event of a medical emergency.

reuniteyou can help.

We offer a specialist membership program that provides services that will reunite close relatives in the event of a medical emergency or death. This might mean reuniting our members with their close relatives because a close relative has suffered a medical emergency (Emergency Travel), or it may mean reuniting a members’ body to their designated country for burial in the event of their death (Repatriation).

Emergency Travel

Designed for anyone living more than 150 miles away from their relatives the reuniteyou Emergency Travel cover will ensure that you (and your immediate family if applicable) can travel to your close relatives. As soon as you hear the news that something serious has happened, a call to the reuniteyou claims team will get things under way. The claims team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has multilingual services available.

Our specialised claims team will verify the claim as quickly as possible by speaking directly to the medical team who are responsible for your close relative and once the claim has been authorised we will be back in touch to start making plans to get you to your loved ones.

The criteria for authorisation is as follows:

  1. Confirmation that your close relative will be hospitalised for a minimum of 5 consecutive days, or proof of death (usually a copy of the official death certificate) if they have passed away;
  2. The reason for the claim is not due to a pre-existing terminal illness; and
  3. Your close relative is under the age of 75.

We will discuss the travel plans with you - when do you want to travel, who will be travelling (for couple and family memberships) - and we will arrange and pay for any transfers to and from the airport, return airline tickets and up to 10 days accommodation. After the 10 days you will be responsible for your own accommodation – typically people either stay with family/friends or stay in the hotel we have arranged for them and pick up the bill for any additional days.

Once you are on your way, we will check in with you regularly and make sure you have arrived safely. We will then keep in contact with you to ensure that we can organise your return journey when you are ready.


In addition to the above, reuniteyou offer a Repatriation of Mortal Remains service. This service is designed for those members who have started a new life away from where they consider to be their “home” and if they pass away, would like their body to be returned there for burial.

Most people are unaware of the complexities and costs involved in organising the repatriation of a body and they don’t want to think about the circumstances arising.

reuniteyou are here to help. We will take care of all of the arrangements and the costs for moving the deceased from funeral home to funeral home.

Again, we will need to authorise the claim and will need to:

  1. Ask for proof of death, usually a copy of the official death certificate;
  2. Verify that the cause of death was not due to a pre-existing terminal illness; and
  3. Confirm that the Member was under the age of 75.

Once authorised we will start to arrange for the transportation of the deceased. This includes communication with and coordinating funeral homes, airlines and airports, consular services, etc.

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Memberships are available for Personal, Couple and Family cover and you are able to add your extended family, friends and business colleagues to your membership if required. Please see the membership page for details.

(Please click here to see the Key Limits and Exclusions. Full Terms and Conditions are available here).

If you are unsure which membership would suit you or if you require any further information please either see the FAQs page on this website or email us at [email protected].