Making arrangements to take you home.

It is human nature to worry about and take care of our family, so much so that we sometimes forget to worry about ourselves. In the unfortunate circumstance that you should pass away, it will be your family that have to rally round and organise the funeral. This becomes much more complicated and expensive if you are living in another country and wish to be buried in your country of origin - your home.

It is a very difficult subject to discuss and to plan for, but at reuniteyou we understand how sensitive and complex it can be to transport a body from one location to another, not to mention the financial expense.

reuniteyou's Repatriation service will arrange and coordinate the repatriation of the Member's mortal remains. If the worst happens we will take care of all the arrangements and costs required.

Our claims team are fully aware of the complex requirements and are ready to help.

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