What clients have to say

"We are a family of four living in Australia, with our parents and other close relatives living in the UK. If a close family member was ill or although it's hard to say was to pass away we would want to be there with them and at the funeral and we would all want to be there together. We know how expensive it is to fly the four of us across the other side of the world so it is reassuring to know that with our membership, the expenses would be covered should we need to call on them."


Clare, Australia

“When emigrating to NZ from the UK 4 years ago and leaving my family behind, mixed in with all the excitement of the start of a new life is the worry of what if something happens to your family and will you be able to afford to get home. Having an Emergency Travel membership took away that worry and gave me the confidence to settle into my new and fulfilled life.
Unfortunately, I had to make a claim last year when my father took ill. Your staff were professional and empathetic all the way through my journey home and back. Unfortunately, my Dad died earlier than expected later in the year, but the month I spent with him when he was initially hospitalized was the most important month of my life and I can't thank you enough for giving me that opportunity.
Thanks again for a wonderful service.”


Joanne, New Zealand

"Thanks again to Grant Taylor for an excellent customer service that he provided to me recently. Grant assisted me about my renewal for I had an issue. I am happy that he did not leave me hanging and he understood my inquiry. Once again, you proved to me that your purpose is to provide peace of mind to all your members. I had a claim last year and it was my first year, when I called for help, I got a file number right away and the person I talked to, provided necessary information. The staff over the phone and emails are smart enough to have solutions in any kind of issues. May God bless all the staff and the company with more members."


Marita, Canada

I live in Whangarei and have recently taken out one of your Repatriation memberships. I am just writing to tell you that I was very pleased to hear of this type of cover and the fact that it puts my mind at rest in case of any emergency in the UK which would see us needing to get home in a hurry. In fact I am so impressed I have photocopied the membership details and your website and, with working in the hospital here in Whangarei with many nationalities, I have passed on your details and those of the cover to many of the people I work with. Many have been very interested and if not already done so, intend to take out a membership.

I just wish I had known about your service last year before my father-in-law died! However I’m covered now and can sleep with the comfort of knowing things will be sorted if we needed to go back to the UK in a hurry.

Once again thank you!


Sharon, New Zealand

“I just want to say that I was happy with the services received last year, the response was prompt and quick, and I had a flight ready for me when needed to get back to my brother in Cameroon.”

In 2008, four months into Alex’s membership his brother was in a car accident. Alex informed us of the potential claim and our claims team verified the same day that his brother had sustained serious head and bone injuries. Alex was informed that we would organise and pay for immediate flights and accommodation. After checking daily with the hospital Alex decided to fly out to Cameroon a week later, when his brother was out of ‘intensive care’. The final claim amount was for GBP £1,134.


Alex, UK

“I will say the service was great and your people were very helpful’. ‘Once more thank you for caring for your customers.”

Raoul purchased a Family membership in 2010 while living in the UK. On Christmas Day his brother was in a serious car accident in the USA. The claim was verified and Raoul was informed that we would organise and pay for immediate flights and accommodation. Raoul decided to fly out with his wife and two children the very next day. The final claim was for GBP £3,500.


Raoul, UK

“We took out an Emergency Travel Membership so that whatever financial situation we were in, we could fly back to the UK if anything happened to our family.
We never expected to use it!
When the phone call came that my Dad had been rushed into hospital all we wanted to do was get from Australia to the UK as quickly as possible.
All we had to do was get our passports and pack because all the flights and transfers were organised for us. At that time our stress levels were already through the roof so having the membership and the fact that it only took a phone call to activate it, was priceless.”


Richmond Family, Australia